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Iranian-German Joint Play at Javanmard Hall
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Iranian-German Joint Play at Javanmard Hall

The Iranian-German joint play titled “No Name” is on stage at the Iranian Theater Forum in Tehran.

According to the public relations of the Iranian Theater Forum, the play, co-directed by Iranian theater director Neda Hengami and Ismene Schell from Germany, had its first performance on February 9 and will be on stage until Feb. 16.

The cast includes Sama Aghazamani, Zahra Iran Nejad, Meryem Polat, Amir Tak Fallah, Mohammad Hossein Samari, Mohammad Habibi, Keso Khintibidze, Ramin Khoshbin, Niloufar Dehar, Vitiko Schell, Mohadeseh Alibabazadeh, Danijel Marśanić, Youssef Maghrebi, Nima Mirza Hossein and Alexander Hundt.

The one-hour play is performed every day at 8 pm until Friday at Javanmard Hall of Iranian Theater Forum located at No. 260, Somayyeh St., Nejatollahi (Villa) St. Tickets are available at Tiwall.com.



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