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Iranian Theater Forum Statement on Plane Crash
■ News ■ ID : 7953 ■ 2020/01/13 20:31 ■

Iranian Theater Forum Statement on Plane Crash

These days our hearts are replete with pain. The tragedy of downing of Boeing 737 is enormous and unforgettable.

If only these unfortunate news was just a dream that did not come true.

And when we woke up, we would not need to express our condolences over the death of those perished.

If only we could be of some relief with our words to those who have suffered the loss of their dear ones in that never-ending flight.

If only and if only …

What a mistake it was when the fire order was issued.

The great family of theater in the country mourns over this overwhelming tragedy along with the Iranian and foreign families who have lost a member in the plane crash. We pray the Almighty God give us patience all.

We hope that the officials’ sense of responsibility will prevent occurrence of such irrecoverable mistakes in future.

We hope that drought and lies leave this land and we wish for the authorities to be responsive for their words, behavior and actions.

We hope that the chant “long live …” replaces the ominous chant “down with …” so that the shadow of death leaves our country and we can live in peace.



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