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1st Joint Meeting of Cinema and Theater Directors Forums
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Hoping for Solidarity Among Guilds

1st Joint Meeting of Cinema and Theater Directors Forums

The 1st joint meeting of board of directors of Theater Directors Forum, affiliated to the Iranian Theater Forum, the guild for Iranian theater artists, and Cinema Directors Guild of Iran affiliated to the Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds, better known as House of Cinema, was held at the site of the Iranian Theater Forum in Tehran, January 28.

According to the public relations of the Iranian Theater Forum, Shahram Gilabadi, chairman of the board at the Theater Directors Forum called the session a good beginning for the collaboration of the two guilds.

“Getting closer to each other and having dialogue is the most important function of this session,” he said, adding that a joint working group can suggest an agenda for the next sessions to run more purposefully.

Iraj Rad, chairman of the central board at the Iranian Theater Forum and a member of the Theater Directors Forum, said the two guilds of cinema and theater are from the same family and expressed happiness for having served on the House of Cinema for eight years.

As Rad said, creating employment for artists is one of the major concerns of the Iranian Theater Forum and hoped that holding such sessions could strengthen the link between the two guilds.

Later in the session, Mohsen Amiryoussefi, head of Cinema Directors Guild of Iran, said the cinema family in Iran has a fond memory of theater family during history. “I hope these pleasant memories will repeat and we can establish positive partnerships,” he added.

Referring to the similar reactions of the two guilds to the recent social incidents, he said it shows their goals are close.

Movie director Pouran Derakhshandeh called the session a meeting for solidarity between cinema and theater. “Each of the guilds should think of the other one and help create jobs for each other to reduce the current unemployment rate,” she noted.

Behzad Farahani, a member of Theater Directors Forum and head of Actors Associations of Iranian Theater Forum said: “About 800 members of the association are professional actors who have played at least in 10 leading roles each. “For numerous times I have recommended my cinema partners to use theater actors who are conscientious and ready to engage in cinematic projects. Here I want you to come to an agreement to use these actors”.

Vahid Mousaeian, a member of the board of directors of Cinema Directors Guild of Iran, said: “The common problems between the two guilds have led to holding this session.”

As he said, veteran actors’ unemployment, some artists’ high salaries and pressure groups that meddle with cinema affairs are among the problems the cineastes deal with. Mousaeian hoped that with the collaboration of the two guilds, they could overcome the difficulties.

Movie director Kiumars Pourahmad said: “A few years ago, I made a movie that has not been screened yet and will not be shown in future either since it has no superstars. In such conditions, a director like me has no power to choose among theater actors!”

Referring to the organizations as a feature of a modern society, Ghotbeddin Sadeghi, a member of Theater Directors Forum, said: “What the Iranian Theater Forum and House of Cinema do is an indication of civilization and I approve of it.”

“Solidarity between the guilds is of the highest importance today,” he added. “Then comes the artistic aspect and not the commercial one. Focusing on money has ruined everything. The third important issue is the social aspect of our work. We are a part of the society and need to show what happens in it”.

“A mutual understanding between the two guilds is very important and we should have a moral solidarity with each other,” he concluded.

Mohammadreza Arab, spokesperson and member of the Cinema Directors Guild of Iran’s central council, said that the cinema and theater in Iran are bankrupt today and added: “We don’t even help ourselves. As you don’t watch our films, we don’t see your plays either and this is a pity.”

“Following Behzad Farahani’s remarks, we hereby request that the preparations for the collaboration between the Iranian Theater Forum’s Actors Association and us are done now”.

The session continued with other attendees speaking and ended after serving the lunch and taking a group photo.

Cinema and theater artists Esmaeel Khalaj, Atila Pesyani, Masoud Delkhah, Abolhassan Davoudi, Reza Dormishian, Kambuzia Partovi, Majid Giahchi, Arash Dadgar, Arvand Dashtaray, Hadi Amel Sadreddin Zahed, Mehrdad Khoshbakht, Qodrat Solh Mirzaei, Ehsan Foka and Ehsan Hajipour were also among the participants.



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