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The First Announcement of Cheering up Festival by Colorful World Community
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The First Announcement of Cheering up Festival by Colorful World Community

In The Name of God
The First Announcement of Colorful World of International Cheering Up Contest  is made focusing on the subjects listed below:
1- What plans are required to  be made for protecting ourselves when encountering the coronavirus?
2- One shall serve as an auxiliary
3- Maintaining our well-being as well as our families’  by remaining home all throughout Nowrouz holiday
4- Coronavirus is spreading dramatically fast on the four corners of the world (There seems to be nothing confining this fatal virus) 
5- Not until this lethal virus started devouring the world, did we feel an urge to change the way we see the life.
The Organizers:
 Learning and Innovative Playing Performance Institution (Omidiyeh) and
The Bus of Happiness and Peace in cooperation with Performing Arts and Theatre
 and The Population of Sunrises Without Trace (also known as Saraye Mehr)
The contest is to be held as a competition 
Conditions and terms:
1- The works are expected to be specially made for this contest and never to have been exhibited and displayed before in any other fairs and exhibitions 
2- The painting can be related to Persian New Year
3- The choice of materials and tools of painting is up to applicants themselves 
4- The restricted time duration in which a musical film, a dub smash or stand-up comedy must be made is two minutes.
5- The group performing of  the traditional music or the national anthems 
6- Take a film or a picture of paintings accompanied by balloons and colorful ribons, paper-made flowers and small hand-crafted dolls(children from Farsi-speaking countries can also use symbols of Nowrouz varying from Hajifirouz and Amounowrouz to Nanesarma and,.....). Hanging them from windows, balconies, walls, stairways, the entrance doors and allies as well as roofs. All the explained rituals must be done and turned into images, films,.... and sent till before March 12 which equates the Persian New Year’s Eve. All the works are to be sent and delivered before the due date.
7- The films must be taken and made using cellphones.
All the works whether made in Iran or any other countries are to be sent to either the following phone number 00989366213425 on What’s up or to the email address Namayesh.khallagh@gmail.com
Note that:
All the applicants must include their first names, last names, ages, degree of education, phone numbers and the cities where they reside both at the beginning and the at the end of the files
_ ________
Please meet the deadline of March 22. 
The secretariat located in Iran, Omidiyeh Province, The Institution of Learning and Performing Innovative Games 00989169546754
 as well as Saray e Mehr 00982133170016
The Working Hours 10 a.m to 6:00 p.m local times 


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