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Mohammad Ali Behboudi’s 5-Day Workshop at Theater Forum
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Mohammad Ali Behboudi’s 5-Day Workshop at Theater Forum

A workshop titled “Actor's Work on a Role” led by Iranian actor and director Mohammad Ali Behboudi was held at the Javanmard Hall of the Iranian Theater Forum (ITF), November 20-24, 2019.

According to the public relations of the ITF, university students who studied drama or other related fields as well as those who had experience acting on the stage attended the 5-day workshop.

Evaluating the workshop, Behboudi, a member of German Theater Actors Syndicate, told the ITF website: “Although participants were of various levels and with different experiences, we were able to meet the objectives of the workshop to some extent with the help of the texts chosen for them”.

“During the workshop, attendees were trained how to read a text, work on it, learn about the role and play it,” he added.

However, Behboudi emphasized that such workshops need more time. “If the workshop was longer for even two days, it could have a better result. Normally I don’t approve of such short-term workshops since every participant needs to be trained separately, which requires more time,” he noted, adding that although the attendees were under pressure, they all received what was meant to by the workshop.

He rued that the problem with teaching methods in Iran is that they are mainly done theoretically and for any kind of practical learning students have to experience of all by themselves.

“There were students in the workshop who had played on the stage so they were more prepared compared to university graduates who only had theoretical education,” Behboudi added.

However, despite all the criticism regarding teaching methods, there are young and motivated groups in the country, which are really interested in theater performance.

Before the workshop, Behboudi had said: “Proper reading of the texts, comprehensive understanding and analysis of the play content, understanding the role and performing it correctly, and reaching an agreement with the director on the style, form and rhythm of the performance are tips that a good actor learn during rehearsals along with other actors.”

According to him, the result, that is the storytelling and conveyance of emotions, should be so strong that the audience does not get bored and forget about time.

“It needs important techniques and skills to achieve this and we will try to teach them in this workshop,” he had said.

Speaking about his experience, he explained: “I have had the chance to play in more than 130 plays in professional theaters in Germany for over three decades, including three solo plays, two of which have been performed over a hundred times and won numerous awards at some prestigious festivals.”

“I consider it my national, patriotic and professional duty to share these experiences with my colleagues,” he concluded.

At the end of the workshop, participants received a valid certificate from the ITF signed by Mohammad Ali Behboudi.

Born in 1956 in Zanjan, Behboudi started playing in theater at a young age. He grew up in Semnan, where his father was the prayer leader, and it was there that he joined the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults of the city and acted on stage.

Later he received his artistic training from 1981 to 1983 at Anahita Theater School in Tehran under the supervision of Mostafa Oskouei.

He emigrated to Germany in 1984, where he continued his theater activities with several state theaters especially in Oberhausen. Since the 1990s he has also been playing in movies and TV series.

In 1993, he founded the independent “World Theater” in Cologne, which he still leads today. In 2002, he took a degree in culture management from the University of Hagen. From February 1995 to July 2012, he was a permanent ensemble member of the Oberhausen Theater.

The play “I Will Not Hate” is one of his solo works that he has been performing since 2014.

Because of his activities in the context of the “World Theater” and cross-border artistic activities, he has been awarded the Oberhausen Theater Prize.





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