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Master Abbas Javanmard's message on Theater Commemoration Week
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Master Abbas Javanmard's message on Theater Commemoration Week

According to the public relations of the Iranian Theater Forum, on the occasion of Theater Commemoration Week, Master Abbas Javanmard wrote a message that is seen below:


Oh, people sitting on the beach, happy and laughing

Someone is dying in water

Someone is constantly struggling to survive

In this dark and heavy sea that you know

See, we’re always late, unfortunately in everything.

Theater and play lovers, you who have dedicated every moment of your life to the excellence of the performance art, I don’t know whether you know or not, but truly it will be too late very soon, and quickly in the blink of an eye, time passes on.

If you think you are sitting on a safe beach, you are totally wrong. No, our theater’s condition is not good. We need to dive into the sea and rescue it from drowning with love and sacrifice.

I should humbly say that I have always been indebted to my predecessors in over seven decades of my artistic career.

Believe me, I still don't know "is theater life or is life theater?". I believe that if you come up with the answer to this question, then you will not hesitate for a moment, and will come to grips with its numerous problems.

Honesty and courage are the first things in our lives. This is a fact that should never be forgotten. The theater needs us and our dedication and love. Let’s dedicated them to theater.

Now you say, "is theater life or is life theater?". Indeed, which one?


Abbas Javanmard, Ontario, Canada, May 3, 2019



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