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Akbar Zanjanpour’s Message on the National Day of Performing Arts
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Akbar Zanjanpour’s Message on the National Day of Performing Arts

On the occasion of the National Day of Performing Arts, March 27, 2020, the veteran Iranian theater artist Akbar Zanjanpour issued a message.

March 27 is celebrated worldwide as the World Theater Day. In 2017, the day was registered as the National Day of Performing Arts in the Iranian calendar.

This is the fourth year the day is celebrated in Iran. The message by Zanjanpour, a renowned figure in the field of art and culture, reads as follows:

A theater artist steps with a poet’s mind and red intellect and does not tolerate any do’s and don’ts. Humans and the world change form every moment and the outcome of the art of theater and experiencing this existence is discovering the mystery of life. Through creating a mental space, theater artists lead the path to discover many secrets in this amazing world. Throughout the vicissitudes of life, every artist will find a secret of their own. Every artist’s secret differs greatly from others since each one will have discovered a separate secret. This is indeed like unison, to reach the great truth of life. Acting and performance is a discovery and secret and the art of theater is acting to unite and gain knowledge, awareness and reflection. The big surprise of this life is in living and survival, and the best thing happened to me is acquaintance with the art of theater. For me theater is not an occupation but life itself. I breathe with theater and this art has given me love, hope and faith to understand the world better. The art of theater, as a great magic, impresses the audience to mirror and reflect the events and behaviors of people in their lives.

If I am given the opportunity to live again, I will pursue the same fate and love of theater again. Despite all the difficulty and suffering I've had along the way, I have breathed in the theater scene along with numerous hardworking fellows and enthusiastic masters and young people. I have learned that I can better understand my human duty with the world of theater. The magnificent moments of my life have been in understanding, experiencing and discovering life with this art and I have always strived to be a harbinger of great wishes for people with this genuine art. The stage and performance for me are still full of apprehension and excitement like when I was younger. To me theater is holy and respectable; something that gives me strength, hope and desire to be alive. We carry a valuable legacy inherited to us through history. This land of kindness has embodied eternal moments with the help of artists. With its diversity and history, the Iranian drama is a proof of an honorable culture and asset. The presence of enthusiastic, creative and talented young people in the performing arts is a source of joy to me and I see many moments and regrets of mine in their passion and interest. I have learned not to forget the mission, value and importance of theater in the colorful world of this art. Theater is an art with humanizing potentials to drive audiences to friendship, faith, goodness and awareness in the face of suffering, bitterness and the ugly and sinister human traits. Every incident in the society and people’s behavior form the subject of theatrical performances, and a play that can represent the people and their demands will be a successful work. Theater is not just for entertainment. A play that gives its audience reflection and awareness is a noble piece of art that can guide our lives one step further. On the stage, we must create a world, free of anguish and violence, that propagates peace, hope and beauty.

I congratulate all Iranians and the art community on the blessed and ancient Nowruz and its concurrency with the National Day of Performing Arts and World Theater Day. The old year is over with all its suffering and bad memories. These days my people and the world are fighting a crisis, a virus and a disease. I am certain that this uninvited guest will soon be defeated by human empathy and efforts. History is full of moments of humans struggling with adversity and tribulation and the theater scene has always been a display of human power.

Ancient theater and Nowruz promise us bright days to come. Here is the point where the value and importance of this magnificent heritage can be seen. As a member of this noble family, I, Akbar Zanjanpour, cherish the National Day of Performing Arts and World Theater Day as a symbol for all days of this art, with great love and hope. I wish the best of times for this land, and I hope the theater artists community is always beside these cultured people, and what is created on the great and everlasting stage is a bright light for future to reach the world of affection and friendship.



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