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Iranian Theater Forum Message on World Theater Day
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Iranian Theater Forum Message on World Theater Day

Iranian Theater Forum Message on World Theater Day
Theater is a place to sit;
To see the light cast upon the darkness;
And a word that calls a world to peace, friendship, justice and love …
Maybe that is why it is not a pleasant art for some governments and administrations.
The essence of theater is dialogue; an issue neglected in underdeveloped societies.
Strange events and disasters have been happening to theater artists since a long time ago; however, neither the sharp criticism of haters, nor the hostile attitude of ancient Roman statesmen who placed theater artists in the lowest class of society, nor the Middle Ages priests who prevented the bodies of actors and performers to be buried in public cemeteries, and not even the rulers of our country, who have never considered acting, directing, playwriting, stage, costume and makeup designing, and so on as an occupation, nothing has prevented us to talk about the growth of buds of reason, emotion and freedom.
We are and will be to realize what can be done.
Happy World Theater Day to all
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