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ITF Offices

The ITF has two separate offices including the main office and Theater Mansion


Main Office

The main office, which is located on the Baradaran Mozaffar Jonoubi Street, was provided by the Tehran Municipality in the mid 2000s. It is now the location for official affairs and associations activities. There are also offices for the managing director, associations’ secretariat, insurance and welfare affairs, ITF investigator, as well as three meeting rooms and Mahin Oskouei Hall in the building.

Mahin Oskouei Hall:

Mahin Oskouei Hall was restored and equipped in 2018. With a fixed capacity of 64 seats, the hall has a separate control room. The restoration of the hall included change of seats, covering the floor with black epoxy, and installation of new projector and audio systems.

The hall is now equipped with standard lighting and sound systems and projector. It is 9 meters long, 6 meters wide and 3 meters high.

The ITF members use the hall for conferences, plays with few actors, and play-reading sessions.


Theater Mansion:

Construction of the edifice started in 2005 when Iraj Rad was the managing director of the ITF. It was completed in 2017 when Asghar Hemmat was the in charge. Finally it was inaugurated in 2019 at the time of Shahram Gilabadi’s management.

The building, which has three floors plus two more below the ground level, has been designed and built for the ITF.

In includes the main office of the managing director, public relations office, financial affairs department, service department, technical department, two meeting rooms, Roknoddin Khosravi Library, Shahin Sarkisian Conference Hall, and Abbas Javanmard Theater Hall.


Master Abbas Javanmard Theater Hall

Master Abbas Javanmard Hall is located on the lower floors of the Iranian Theater Forum building. Construction of the hall began in 2007 when Iraj Rad was managing director of the Forum. Building continued at the time of Asghar Hemmat’s directorship and it was finally inaugurated in 2019 when Shahram Gilabadi was in charge of the Forum.

The hall and the related places have occupied -1 and -2 floors of Iranian Theater Forum building. Four entrances to the Master Abbas Javanmard Hall are as follow: two entrances on the ground floor, an entrance from the first mezzanine and a 6-persons elevator for the disabled and special occasions.

The make-up room and control room are on the -1 floor and the main theater hall is located on the -2 floor.


Specifications of the Hall

The area suitable for performance in the hall is about 200 square meters and the ceiling height is 7.5 meters. However, the useful ceiling height (proper for lighting, sound, and video equipment) is about 5.5 meters to 6 meters.


Audience Capacity

The number of removable seats envisaged for the hall is 149. If the seats are arranged in one side of the hall, there will be 85 ones and in case they are put on three sides, 111 seats will be there.


Acoustics of the Hall

The interior acoustics of the hall has been designed and executed using glass wool, refractory fabric, MDF with aluminum fire retardant coatings and fire-resistant paints so that the reverberation time is about 1 second to 2 seconds, which results in the highest clarity of voices and maximum sound transmission all over the hall.


Lighting of the Hall

Lighting of the hall is provided by the most advanced LED lighting system, in consultation with the Italian company Arenaluci. Moreover, facilities for filament lighting is available and floating lighting plan helps lighting technicians put the lights on any point of the ceiling and walls.

There are over 64 points in the ceiling and about 20 points in the walls and also on the floor provided for attaching different kinds of lights. The hall is also equipped with 1,000-watt LED, SOFT and UV projectors.

Besides the projectors lights, black light and followspot have been provided.


Sound System of the Hall

Using modern technologies, a digital sound system has been designed for the hall. Placing the speakers on the ceiling and the walls has made it possible for stereo and surround sound effects.


It is also possible to put a microphone everywhere needed. Furthermore, handheld and wireless microphones, lapels, head mics, special microphones for singing and music recording as well as digital sound mixers are available, which let the sound recordist control the sounds on the stage with an IPad.

There is also a professional computer that allows editing of the recording of the performances.


Imaging System of the Hall

The imaging system of the hall has five digital HD cameras (four cameras on four sides and one in the middle of the hall), image mixer and other necessary accessories. They record all the performances and with the help of a professional digital HD projector simultaneously show them on a wide 6*4 screen in the hall.


Master Shahin Sarkisian Hall

Sarkisian Conference Hall is located on the third floor of the Iranian Theater Forum building. Construction of the hall started in 2007 and finished in 2019.

The hall has a capacity for 29 removable seats. It is also equipped with sound reinforcement and video playback systems. There is a monitor in front of every two persons, on which they can watch the speaker. The monitors can be connected to laptops, cell phones, IPads, etc.

In the Serkisian Hall, the meetings can be recorded. It is connected to the control room of the theater hall so that the meetings can be watched in the control room and the performances can be shown in the conference hall.


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