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Aims of Iranian Theater Forum

According to article 7 of the Iranian Theater Forum statute, raising the level of public knowledge and insight, especially towards theater, guiding and improving potential artistic talents and creating harmony and collaboration among groups, organizations and institutions, which deal with theater, is possible through the following methods as well as other appropriate methods.

  1. Trying to achieve creative and dynamic theater that shows the cultural needs of the society
  2. Trying to improve the qualitative and quantitative level of theater and expand the culture of theater
  3. Cooperating with cultural and artistic organizations and institutions, expanding research activities, trying to publicize theater via meetings, seminars, publications and education, registering domestic theaters and creating a collection of foreign theaters
  4. Creating a proper atmosphere for cooperation among the members
  5. Trying to expand theatrical activities, setting the ground for and supporting regular production of plays in the country and influencing the improvement of production policies
  6. Forming expert committees to study the existing problems and provide appropriate solutions to improve theater conditions
  7. Attracting cooperation of state and public organizations and institutions, as well as natural and legal persons, and proving the importance and necessity of theater to them to attract financial and spiritual aupport
  8. Creating theater information bank
  9. Supporting the rights of young and university theater groups and independent associations, and creating cooperation between them and Iranian Theater Forum
  10.  Supporting theater in other cities, sending specialized journals, and sending instructors and technicians to all across the country for periodical trainings.
  11.  Forming various associations, affiliated to Iranian Theater Forum, for different types of artists, and creating a sense of cooperation among them
  12.  Providing the opportunity for exchanging theater groups to perform outside the country
  13.  Adopting appropriate approaches to resolve differences, deficiencies, inadequacies and obstacles hurting Iranian Theater Forum aims
  14.  Trying to build new halls in collaboration with the private sector and related organizations and institutions

(Supporting theater is among the aims of Iranian Theater Forum and according to Iraj Rad efforts should be made to strengthen theater in other cities, clarify the status of festivals and address the dispersal of theater).

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