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The Iranian Theater Forum is a guild association. It is independent, progressive, cohesive, authenticating, trustworthy, efficient, and protector of theater staff and artists’ rights.


Each aspect of the ITF perspective is defined as follows:

Guild association: As the largest and most experienced theater guild association in Iran, the ITF will be considered a unique guild by the theater staff, which will support and organize other theater associations.

Progressive: The ITF is to be recognized as a leading and empowering association in the organizational areas and corporate services as well as training and empowering its members.

Unifying: The ITF will be the driving force to unify and organize the members. It will be capable of attracting the participation of the theater community for value-added activities and the realization of members’ rights.

Authenticating: This has two aspects: members and the organization. Membership in the ITF will create a distinct organizational identity and professional credibility for members so that they can feel they are part of a distinctive artistic community with specific support and assistance. ITF membership will create benefit and value for the people involved in theater, which they will not acquire otherwise. Moreover, the identity of the organization as a guild and a specialized group with organizational structure and mission statement will be clear.

Trustworthy: The ITF will be trusted by the theater community as a guild on the one hand, and by the government as a partner on the other hand.

Efficient: With great competence for decision making about the country's theater affairs, the ITF will be a suitable place for the government consultation regarding the issue.

Independent: The ITF has legal, administrative and financial independence and is recognized by the theater community, the government and the public as a non-political, distinct and independent guild.

Protective of theater staff and artists’ rights: The ITF is a patron of the theater community in terms of guild, social and citizenship rights, and offers specific support programs regarding them.

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