Theater Forum fa Forum Theater Forum Message on World Theater Day Zanjanpour’s Message on the National Day of Performing Arts Year’s Message Author Nadeem is Pakistan’s leading playwright and head of the renowned Ajoka Theatre. <br/>2020-03-26T13:02:00+03:30 Abbas Javanmard's message on Theater Commemoration Week Ali Behboudi’s 5-Day Workshop at Theater Forum workshop titled “Actor's Work on a Role” led by Iranian actor and director Mohammad Ali Behboudi was held at the Javanmard Hall of the Iranian Theater Forum (ITF), November 20-24, 2019. <br/> <br/>2020-03-17T18:01:00+03:30 First Announcement of Cheering up Festival by Colorful World Community Joint Play at Javanmard Hall Iranian-German joint play titled “No Name” is on stage at the Iranian Theater Forum in Tehran. <br/> <br/>2020-02-15T19:15:00+03:30 Joint Meeting of Cinema and Theater Directors Forums 1st joint meeting of board of directors of Theater Directors Forum, affiliated to the Iranian Theater Forum, the guild for Iranian theater artists, and Cinema Directors Guild of Iran affiliated to the Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds, better known as House of Cinema, was held at the site of the Iranian Theater Forum in Tehran, January 28. <br/> <br/>2020-01-30T13:35:00+03:30 Theater Forum Statement, January 19, 2020 says: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” <br/> <br/>2020-01-19T20:23:00+03:30 Theater Forum Statement on Plane Crash days our hearts are replete with pain. The tragedy of downing of Boeing 737 is enormous and unforgettable. <br/> <br/>2020-01-13T20:31:00+03:30